Leaving a Child in Your Car Unattended is a Bad Idea | Child Car Safety

kid sitting in the car seat in a car

No matter how tempting it might seem please do not leave your child in your car unattended. The moment you willingly walk away from your children unattended in a public place, you automatically place them in danger and that will get you in serious trouble with the law. There have been several cases of parents leaving their children locked up in the car on a hot summer day. A woman by the name Carina Nicole Orozco from Wyoming left her children in her car to report for a job interview. Another woman who noticed the children were all alone in the car called 911 and the police came removed the girls out of the car. One of them had her hair covered with sweat. In another other case a woman left her child and went shopping at Target. People gathered around the car and broke the window to get the child out.

The Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Deception

It is important to note the fact that the temperature outside feels like 70 degrees does not mean that the temperature inside the car is also 70 degrees. The heat inside a car tends to increase a lot more especially when the windows are all the way up. The car becomes an incubator and can slowly disrupt breathing of anyone inside it. You can pass out slowly and die as a result of the increased heat. While an adult may be able to last longer, a child on the other hand has less body fluid to survive excessive heat in the car. Thus, the child is more vulnerable.

Laws Differ in Every State Concerning Child Car Safety

Leave your child in a car in Texas for more than 5 minutes and that is an offense right there. Surprisingly in the state of Ohio, there is no law in the books about what happens when you leave a kid in a car unattended. However you do not want to risk the life of your children. That’s a no no! Your kids are worth more than those groceries or clothing you want to quickly go buy. Let us be mindful of this and never place out lovely kids in harms way.

Here are some other helpful child car safety tips you can download.


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